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Finished retaining wall Sheffield

A retaining wall job that we did in Sheffield off City Road a year or two ago. The client was worried that his car would slip into next door’s garden and needed the old wall dug out and strengthened.

Diiging Out

As you can see here we have nearly dug all the earth out. I reused the existing blocks that I could save at the bottom to save the client a bit of money and also getting rid of the debris.

Digging footing retaining wall
Getting ready for footing

Hit a bit of bad weather but not enough to stop our team. Made a start at the bottom and laid the blocks flat to double up the strength.

Cold mixer

Starting with the new concrete blocks to finish off the job and filling the cavity back in. Coming along nicely

Retaining wall in Sheffield

Nice and level

Nice and level retaining wall

Nice and straight. Job done. I ended up making a cement grout in the mixer and pouring it in the cavity so the grout ran underneath the concrete driveway so there was no void underneath. All nice and solid and no movement as of yet.

Retaining wall for driveway

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