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Sheffield House Extensions

Your house is beautiful, no doubt. However, sometimes, we just need more space. With a house extension, Sheffield Brickwork Company will finally be the perfect fit for your growing family. Instead of packing up and moving to a larger home to suit your needs, why not stay in the place you love and simply expand it? There are plenty of reasons for a South Yorkshire family to seek out an extension rather than a full-on move.

Why Consider a House Extension

Firstly, and most apparent, is that a house extension is best suited for a growing family. You’re already under a ton of stress from the newest additions to your little arsenal, so why tack on the strain of a move? With a house extension, you can stay in the home and neighbourhood you’ve grown to adore without having to sacrifice space. A house extension is the best of both worlds for a young family.

The next reason for seeking out a more modern addition is that the property value can skyrocket. We’ll be the first to admit that the classic design and feel of a Sheffield home is something to strive for. However, with a more modern addition to the back, you get to keep that classic feel but greatly increase the value of the property. Everyone loves a larger, more modern kitchen or rear conversion!

Finally, house extensions are the best way for you to experience the home of your dreams. You know what you’re looking for in a perfect house, so let a professional, high-quality team help you out and start working on the build you need most.

House Extension Before and After

Different Types of House Extensions Available

There are many different types of extensions that you can choose from with our Sheffield services. Here are three of the most popular extension types that our team of builders is ready to complete for you.

Loft Conversions

This is a unique type of extension for a Sheffield home, but one that is quite necessary for many. Many extensions are external in design and require a full team to complete. However, as with a loft conversion, some extensions are inside the home and are a fantastic way to turn empty storage space into a new, vibrant area for you to spend time in whenever you want. Turn your attic into a trendy, livable loft area for guests or even your own space.

Side or Rear Conversions

Typically, unless otherwise indicated, a project known as a side or rear conversion is only a single story project. The design for these drawings can be quite complex as you don’t have to worry about a house extension on multiple floors. The space that this service will provide will certainly be enough for a full family and would enable the users to enjoy a modern, updated area.

Side or rear conversions are the most popular type of house extension throughout Sheffield as most laws accept them as being a fine add-on. Once we visit for a consultation, our team will be able to see the space they have to work with and our builders can offer you drawings of the design so that you can approve or make suggestions to your side or rear conversion.

Multiple Storey Extensions

As is indicated by the name, a multiple story project design offers a house extension on multiple stories of the house. This could be on the back – the most popular multiple story house extension chosen for Sheffield homes – or the sides, depending on the space available. This type of add-on can be quite expensive but will greatly improve the value of your house.

While there is certainly more work for builders with this house extension, the planning and design phases are simple and always easy for a quality team. The rules of any HOA or neighbourhood decisions will likely be more of an issue with this type of extension as multiple stories require much more work than a single would. Once the design is approved, our team of builders will get started on step one right away so that your add-on can be completed and your value can skyrocket in no time.

Professional Quality Every Step of the Way

You should never sacrifice quality for speed or budget. A house extension is a permanent addition to your house, so you’ll want the full services from the best teams. Here at Bricklayers Sheffield, we can offer you the quality that your home deserves and the builders to get the job done right. Construction is our speciality and clients are raving about our high-quality house extension. Sheffield homes deserve a revamp and our extension construction service is sure to get them there.

What we’re most proud of are our planning and building processes. We have some of the most high-quality builders around who are ready and able to create the perfect projects for you. We offer years of experience in building work and provide friendly, high-quality service on your house extensions. If you need a high-quality team of builders to help provide the perfect space for your property, then we’re the one company ready to help out! We can ever top the job off by refurbing your driveway with either resin bound or block paving solutions.

Get in contact or visit us today for a free quote. We’ll come out to the site and view your property to determine the value of the work. We’ll work with what you want and the budget that you determine within the time frame that you need. Whether you’re looking for an extension, a brand new build, or a professional to complete a pre-built project that you ran out of time on, we’re here for you.

Only the Best Materials

Before we start any of our projects, it’s important to us that we can ensure your satisfaction. We only use the best materials available for the job and never cut corners. Each of our architectural plans is designed for you and utilizes the materials we feel suit you best. During our consultation and quote services, we’ll gather information about what you’re looking for and pick the best materials specifically for you.

Few other extension companies consider their clients when planning projects. For us, the plans aren’t complete until we can make sure the experience is personalized and the construction process is to your liking. We’re here to help you, not gather more architectural drawings or work for our portfolio like many other companies in the Sheffield, South Yorkshire area.

Checking With the Local Authority

Building regulations and planning permission are quite important to the process, so before we charge you or begin the material gathering phase, we check to make sure that all parts of our plans are legal and okay. We check with the local government first to make sure that building regulations allow for our construction process. After we’ve guaranteed that the building control checks off on our work, we begin gathering planning permission.

We’ve never run into an issue with building control because we know what the guidelines are. We can guarantee you won’t be infringing on any local laws with your house extensions in Sheffield. Architectural work can be tough to navigate with local laws, but our years of experience have granted us a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Areas of Service

A house extension is available to anyone in the South Yorkshire area that needs it. If you’re looking for the best design and service on a house extension, Sheffield is the place to be. Our planning and design quality would be perfect for every Sheffield home and we cannot stress enough how valuable this extra space is for a growing family.

Our planning and builder phases are available to everyone within the South Yorkshire region, not just Sheffield. That includes Rotherham, Doncaster, and Barnsley. Get your project started today with us and have your perfect build in no time. No matter the budget, we can get the project you want to be built and the value of your house boosted like a brand new build with a simple extension.

Contact Us For High-Quality Building Work

Whether it be the design of the final product, the intricate drawings we offer for you to consider, or the hundreds of projects we’ve completed for home all across Sheffield, there are plenty of reasons to contact us. Our first step is to put the client first and to consider what they want. Once we have an understanding of what you want out of a house, we design the extension and present you the drawings to see if we’re on track towards your dream.

Once we’ve confirmed that our extension is exactly what you want, the next step is to submit the drawings to our builders who will get started on crafting your perfect extension. Our team of builders are some of the best and most experienced around and are sure to provide you with the best quality extension you could want. Contact us today and our team of builders will get started on the extension you want most.

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