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Block Paving Sheffield

Block Paved Driveway Specialists in Sheffield.

Block Paving Sheffield

Stand Out With the Best Block Paving in Sheffield

The first part of a house that anyone will notice is the driveway so it’s important to make a statement there first. With a quality driveway, the home looks so much more appealing – but how do you get the perfect driveway? Many Sheffield residents have begun to look towards block paving. Sheffield has access to one of the best block paving specialists in the whole country – Bricklayers Sheffield.

Help create a professional-looking design on your driveway or patios with our amazing services. We offer a wide range of services that will make any patio or driveway throughout Sheffield the envy of all neighbors. With so many people beginning to block pave their space, the first question that comes to mind is – why? What solutions does block paving offer?

The Benefits of Block Paving

First and foremost, a well-paved driveway will instantly add value to your house. Landscaping is the fastest way to bring the value up – from a beautiful front garden to a sturdy fencing system. Paved driveways are what we recommend for anyone looking to quickly boost their value. Make the tarmac the first thing people notice with a professional installer.

Curb appeal and the aesthetic of the concrete are the biggest reasons people seek out this service. A stunning patio or drive will always lead to a happy family. Our services in Sheffield, South Yorkshire are sure to please as we create custom designs and reliable work every time. With our business, your drive will stand out amongst the crowd with your unique, stunning design.

On top of aesthetic purposes, this unique surfacing technique provides many practical uses as well. The hard-wearing aspect of block paving helps it stand up to any weather for years to come. Our professional-quality service will keep you from having to replace your tarmac every couple of years and will protect your wallet. Your typical paved patios and driveways are much easier to compromise and subject to easy wear and tear over the years.

Block paving is also slip-resistant due to the many grooves and divots throughout the design. We recommend this style of patio for anyone who experiences heavy rain or snow – Sheffield as a whole should seek out this protection. Block paved driveways do a fantastic job when it comes to slip-resistance and low maintenance. Our quality services will be completed in no time without much need for us to come back any time soon due to the long life of the stone.

How Much is Block Paving?

There’s a reason why block paving Sheffield driveways has become such an in-demand service. It’s easy, quality, and affordable for almost anyone. The exact cost of a patio or driveway cannot be pinned down as every experience is different. However, when you get in contact with us, we’ll be able to come out and give you a free consultation as well as an estimation on how long before the surfacing would be completed.

It is our job to ensure that the work we do for you is done to the best of our ability and that your driveways look as good as they can. However, we also understand that budgets can be tight, so we try to keep our services as affordable as possible. Surfacing your driveways and patios doesn’t have to break the bank. Our specialists will give you an accurate and concrete estimate of how much the job will cost.

You’re Saving Thousands Each Year

Landscaping can cost quite a bit right out the door, but in the end, you’re saving money. The real benefit of block paving your driveways or patios is the new protection you’re receiving. Regular tarmac surfacing can be easily compromised and one bad year of weather will leave you in need of a replacement. With our professional specialists, the customer is always satisfied and the paving can last for much longer before it would need to be replaced.

Our reliable paving will stay strong for a long time to come, and should an issue arise, give us a call and we’ll be back at work for you. Block paving Sheffield is highly in demand, and Sheffield Brickwork Company is ready to work. Contact us today and have your new, weather-resistant driveway done in no time. Our team will build you the quality driveways you’ve been longing for and start saving your thousands each year.

Get Your Block Paving Done Right

Driveways are some of the most important concrete surfaces we come in contact with almost every day. Poorly paved driveways can harm both you and your car, so why not have the work done right? Our friendly team will have your block paving done right so that no jagged edges or misplaced bricks will cause damage to you or your car.

Block paving driveways, when done right, is one of the most beneficial forms of construction anyone can receive. Previous forms of paving – tarmac and gravel specifically – leave much to be desired from the family. However, with block paving, you’ll receive a smooth drive and a safe, slip-free, walk. Your driveways will look much better with block paving than with simple concrete or stone slabs.

Poorly constructed driveways are a thing of the past with our work. We provide residents of Sheffield with some of the best block paving available and can guarantee satisfaction from our hard work. From surfacing driveways to your garden patio, we’ve got one of the most highly recommended block paving services in the region.

Who is Sheffield Brickwork Company?

Offering a wide range of bricklaying services, Bricklayers Sheffield is one of the best teams to call whenever you require something built with bricks, stones, or concrete. We host work from surfacing, block paving, and wall extensions, all the way to building brand new homes. We guarantee a fantastic job on every call and ensure that the customer will be satisfied. Our work will make your garden patio the envy of the neighborhood and the next hangout spot for your friends.

We’ve been surfacing and block paving for over 20 years with almost every customer satisfied with our work. From our free consultation to our range of garden patio builds, our services come highly recommended by all we’ve worked with. Contact us today at Bricklayers Sheffield -all rights reserved.

Our Areas of Service

Block paving Sheffield isn’t our only service – if you live in Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham, or any of the South Yorkshire area, our friendly team is ready to work. Our block paving services extend to the Chesterfield and Rotherham areas and landscaping is well within your grasp. Reliable block paving solutions are available and your driveway will become our passion project.

If you live in Chesterfield, Rotherham, Sheffield, or any of the South Yorkshire area, give us a call and our installer will be out to start working in no time. Whether it be your back garden, your driveways, or your patios, our professional team offers you the services you need for a quality clock paving job. On top of block paving, we host a wide range of bricklaying services that are sure to make your house happy. Stone, concrete, bricks, and tarmac are all well within our specialty for you!

Schedule a Consultation Today!

If you’re living in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham, or any of the South Yorkshire area, give us a call and open contact with us today. Start paving the way to the perfect block paving Sheffield homes deserve with our friendly, professional team. We work for you and ensure you that we’ll have the job completed right on schedule. You’ll be happy with our services and your driveways will as well.

Call us for any driveways, patios, or garden block paving needs. We start with a free consultation and end with the perfect block paving design that you’ll not only like, you’ll love. Send us a message and have the block paving process started right now!

Our background in brickwork has naturally leant towards the art of block paving resurfacing driveways. During our years building houses and extensions, we have undertaken the resurfacing of the area around the finished building. Over the years we have learnt through working closely with groundworkers and experienced tradesmen the basics and then we have through experience taught ourselves the finer points of installing a solidly constructed driveway.

Benefits Of Block Paving Sheffield.

Along with adding value to your home the benefits of paving your driveway are,

  • Kerb Appeal
  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Hard Wearing
  • Low Maintenence
  • Slip Resistant
  • Individually designed to your taste and colour scheme
  • The perfect finish to your new home extension

How Much does block paving cost?

As each and every job is different we can not say without discussing exactly what the client needs. Different ideas can develop after consultation with the homeowner about different materials and surfaces we provide, resin driveways, tarmac, pattern imprinted concrete. Please don’t be afraid to get in touch for a quote. We are a friendly non-pushy team. There is no obligation to buy and we can offer advice over the phone. Please call the number at the top of the page.

How Long?

Same as above we cannot really say until we have had a meeting at the property and discussed your needs.

Why Us?

We are very experienced in this line of work and can also offer any building work that is needed at the project, garden walls, planters etc. As Said before we do not leave the job until the client is satisfied with the job.


How should block paving be laid?

First, we will decide with the homeowner on a design.

We are happy to proceed we will start to dig out the area to be paved, making sure that the finished level is 150mm below the DPC of any adjoining buildings.

We set out the edge restraints or kerb edgings to this height using a string line and rubber mallet. This gives us our level for the whole area that we can work to.

Then we the sub-base consisting of MOT type1 road stone in layers of 50mm which are packed in with a whacker plate or preferably a roller if used for traffic. The sharp sand is then screeded and levelled to the correct height to receive the pavers around 10mm above the edgings.

Continue with the design until the area is covered. We then fill in the cuts using a Stihl saw or block cutter. Brush in kiln dried sand to fill the gaps, and the job is done.

Do I need Planning?

If you are installing permeable (allows water to soak away) the answer is no. Planning is only needed if the driveway is waterproof (tarmac) and allows rainwater to run onto your drive. We can asses and give advice on planning permission issues when we visit or over the phone.

Do I need to drop the Kerb

You are breaking the law if you drive a vehicle over the raised pavement. If you want to access your driveway with a vehicle you will need a dropped kerb. You will need permission from your local council for this and will need to be done by a contractor with certain relevant permits. We have a few contractors that we can arrange to speak with about this.

Should I seal my paving?

Generally, we do not recommend this is necessary at least for a year. It is prone to wearing a different colour and makes the area water-resistant, allowing for puddles and runoff.

Are pavers slip-resistant?

They are slip-resistant in most weathers apart from extreme cold and frost where ice might form.

Will the paved area be permeable? (let the water soak through)

Yes. Generally, most block paving jobs let the water soak away.

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