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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long have we been Bricklaying?

We each have over 20 years experience. There is not much we have not come across in the building trade. We also all have cross over trades where we have some experience. Even if we do not do any other types of work we will have some insight into the process.

Is there a guarantee on your workmanship?

Absolutely. We are highly confident in our abilities and are glad to give assurances to for our work. We do this job daily and it comes as second nature.

Are your estimates free?

All our estimate are free of cost. We will visit you to assess the site or work and give you the estimate via email or text. This allows the client to mull things over and not feel under any obligation to choose us for your work. We do not have pushy sales people.

How long will our job take?

All jobs are different so we cannot really say. We will give you an estimate on time needed to complete the work and try to keep to schedule. We will update the client as much as possible on the progress of the work and advise of any changes.

Do you give a warranty on the work?

No problem. If we cannot give a warranty we wont do the work. We do not set out to do inferior work. We offer high quality workmanship and source the best materials to suit your budget.

Can you provide references?

Certainly. Repeat work is the life line of our business. Word of mouth is how we get most of our work and we have lots of happy customers.