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Retaining garden wall that is being clad and used as a seating area.

Straightforward block work wall in a garden area of a house in Beighton. The client is a joiner by trade and is going to clad the walls and deck the area to make into a seating area for his family. We used 100mm concrete blocks, laid flat at the rear to give added strength in case of any slippage to the land behind. We completed this in around a day. As you can see the weather had been awful and we we up to our ankles in it.

Starting to build

Retaining Wall Aston Sheffield

All Jointed and Pointed

Garden Wall

Finished Blockwork

Retainig Wall Sheffield

All Jointed and pointed. This is not going to be seen as it will be cladded over so is not our neatest work but we do like to make sure that all our work is full with no gaps in the mortar joints. After we had cleared up we headed over to another new build garden wall in Aston which was a bit more pleasing to the eye.