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How to Select the Right Retaining Wall for Your Project?

Retaining walls are a great way of adding beauty and value to your home. They can give your property a distinctive appearance, add privacy, and even protect against soil erosion. In addition, they offer endless design possibilities for enhancing the appearance of your landscape. Selecting the right retaining wall for your project is essential...

Boundary Wall in Aston, Sheffield

A boundary wall that we built in Aston, Sheffield Built with pillars to attach fence panels to. Built with rusticated handmade bricks. We left out wiring for electrician to attach lighting at a later stage. Take a look at other styles of brick walls we have built and some of the home extensions and new build homes on our blog.

Retaining/boundary wall in Beighton, Sheffield

Straightforward block work wall in a garden area of a house in Beighton. The client is a joiner by trade and is going to clad the walls and deck the area to make into a seating area for his family. We used 100mm concrete blocks, laid flat at the rear to give added strength in case of any slippage to the land behind. We completed this in around a...
side view brick wall sheffield

Retaining Wall in Hunters Bar, Sheffield

Rebuild of retaining garden wall in SheffieldThe client, A land lady at a student residential property in Sheffield was getting letters from the council regarding the state of her garden wall at the front of her property. With it being at the side of a bus stop it was important to get it rebuilt quickly before it collapsed and harmed anyone or...