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Rebuild of retaining garden wall in Sheffield

The client, A land lady at a student residential property in Sheffield was getting letters from the council regarding the state of her garden retaining wall sheffield at the front of her property. With it being at the side of a bus stop it was important to get it rebuilt quickly before it collapsed and harmed anyone or ruptured the gas pipe.

We carefully removed the stone copings and tried to save as many bricks as we could so as to reuse them saving time, money and making sure that the wall blended back into the the street with out standing out.  We used concrete blocks laid flat behind the brickwork to add strength and save from the brickwork pushing over again. This should last as long if not longer than the original build.

Block work to retain exitisting garden

As you can see the weather did not help us.

Side view of block work

View of soil in garden behind block wall

Brickwork up and ready for stone coping to be replaced.

Side view of stairs and brickworkWe need to lay a skin of bloks to carry coping stones.Finished wall with copings on.Side view and stairs of finished retaining wallGavel layer just to finish off and cover and mess

Job Well done.