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Brickwork in footings

Here is a small foundation job we did last year in Wincobank Sheffield. We started off of course by loading out. The client was keen to get this done so helped out while we were away which was a big help.

Starting out getting square and level

Here is the hard bit of getting it square and level. After you have your corners done or the first course even if it is just a job of filling in, levelling and squaring can take a day or two from scratch.

Squareing footings sheffield
Squared round and Level footing
Filling in footings sheffield

Once the block is filled in the first three “splash” course is laid. All the level work should have been done by now and can be built using brickwork gauge but it doesn’t hurt to test again for level when you have finished for satisfaction.

Brickwork in footings up to level.

Job done. This is the beginning of the 4th day and just needed bricks filling in and two more courses running in. Job well done. I can’t find the final finished job but there’s not much else to see. Also, I just noticed the internal walls to carry the block and beam needed finishing on this pic. Which they were. Looking forward to going back to finish the job.

Brickwork in footings

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