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Here are a few pics of a recent job I did in Walkley. I seem to be getting a lot of repointing work around here at the moment. Must be coming to the end of its sell-by date?

First, of course, is the dirty stage. Grinding out.

Brick terrace raked out with grinder
Brick terrace half ground out
Brick terrace raked out and ready for pointing

Once it’s all ground out and rinsed with the hose time for pointing.

Repointing Brick Terraced House in Walkley, Sheffield

Finished article. This one has been ground repointed, (3 parts grey building sand and 1 part cement) cleaned with brick cleaner and painted with a weatherproof coating as the bricks are very soft and porous. The client had a bit of damp coming through with the last bad rain we had. Hopefully, this will have cured it. Looks good as well. I also did the gable end, as you can see the scaffold on its way down. This has had the same treatment. You will notice as well that the drainpipe has been taken down and pointed behind and then replaced. The only way to do it properly. I have some more pics of the gable coming as soon as the scaffolds is down.

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