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Brickwork in footing

New build house extension in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

We recently completed another extension in Pontefract for a builder who is local to the area.  A straight forward build that took us 8 days. We were a little hampered with the weather and delivery times but still got the brickwork finished quite quickly and to a good standard.

Here is day one after we had completed the blockwork for the foundation.

Day one. Building the footings

The split blocks round the side are to brick the step in the footing level around to match the brickwork when we build from below ground so we will be at the same level tfoundation for new build extension in PontefractFron view of Extension FootingsFoundations of ExtensionBrickwork in FootingRear View of brickwork in Foundation.o fit the radon barrier and damp tray. See the next pictures.Foundations

Starting the brickwork out of the ground.

Here we are raising the brickwork up to the same level as the existing house so we can fit the DPC so the radon barrier can be attached.

Building the brickwork and Blockwork

Jordan starting to back the blockwork up and form the front window. Moving along now. I thought I had taken some pictures of us forming the damp tray but can’t seem to find them. I will post some on the next extension we build.

Side view of Window openings and gas box. This is also where the side door is.

Internal block works up to receive the lintel. These are the old imperial version brick so do not match the blockwork like a modern brick so is slightly smaller than the usual 2100mm on most modern houses. We followed the existing house and the door will be made to suit. Don’t worry we will be making sure all the insulation is full when we go back to finish the small cut up. The DPC you can see flapping down from underneath the blockwork is to stick the radon membrane I spoke of earlier.

Almost finished Brickwork

View of rear Patio door opening and completed brick work. Again we need to fill cavity with insulation upon our return.

View of the rear completed brickwork. We have propped the lintel to stop it sagging with the weight of the brick and block.

Side view of completed brickwork with door and window openings and gas box fitted.